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        •     N-FRM Sampler Manual
        •     N-FRM Sampler Brochure
        •     LFR-6 Sampler Manual
        •     LFR-6 Sampler Brochure
        •     FTS Flow Calibrator Manual
        •     FTS Flow Calibrator Brochure
        •     Multi-Stage Sampler Brochure
        •     Solar Panel Hardware Assembly
        •     Frequently Asked Questions
        •     N-FRM Comparability Results

At ARA Instruments, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our products. We will post new software updates here as they become available to ensure all of our customers have up-to-date equipment.

        •    FTS Firmware (10/30/2019)
        •    N-FRM Firmware (12/19/2019)

Calibration Services
In conformance with US-EPA guidance, we recommend ARA N-FRM Samplers and FTS Flow Calibrators be calibrated yearly. Please contact us for information about our calibration services.

Other calibration information and worksheets:
        •     N-FRM Calibration Using an ARA FTS Flow Calibrator
        •     Quality Control Form
        •     Excel Flow Calibration Worksheet

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